Non-invasive peripheral blood flow measurement, opening new horizons for the clinician, patient, in and out of hospital, and the consumer.

Many disease states influence either directly or indirectly peripheral blood flow. DermaFlow technology can accurately track these changes, allowing the clinician to monitor the patient, giving early feedback of change in disease status.

For the consumer, with DermaFlow technology embedded in new home care therapeutic devices, for the first time it will be possible to actually see the beneficial effects of these devices in accelerating blood flow to peripheral tissues, promoting the healing process.

The incorporation of DermaFlow technology into current home use devices adds significant value to their monitoring capabilities.

DermaFlow technology – a new dimension in active wearable, bedside and integrated health care devices



DermaFlow has developed a non-invasive technology that simply, accurately and cost effectively directly measures peripheral blood flow (microcirculation in the capillaries). The company's mission is to develop this technology into a routine measurement tool that can increase the quality of early detection, treatment and treatment monitoring; for in-patient, out-patient and the consumer at home.


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Peripheral blood flow changes are amongst the very first to occur in acute and chronic medical situations, such as multi-organ dysfunction, sepsis, shock, vascular (Peripheral Arterial Disease) insufficiencies and cardiovascular distress (Congestive Heart Failure, Coronary Arterial Disease).

Peripheral blood flow changes are also associated with multiple healing processes following skin, muscle and soft tissue damage, such as diabetic ulcers and neuropathy, and sports injuries.

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